Señorío de Sarría launches “Viñedo Uno”, its new Crianza from old-vine Garnacha

Señorío de Sarría lanza “Viñedo Uno”, su nuevo Crianza Garnacha Viñas Viejas

A single-varietal red wine that represents a return to the origins and the search for the purest expression of Navarra.

Puente La Reina, 15 March 2022. Bodega de Sarría, a winery from D.O. Navarra, presents its new Crianza 2019 Señorío de Sarría Viñedo Uno, made from 100% old-vine Garnacha grapes that was aged for nine months in new French oak barrels.

The winery has decided to launch this wine in recognition of one of the most representative grape varieties of Navarra: the Garnacha.

Navarra has always been a land of Garnacha, a grape variety that was very popular several decades ago, representing almost 90% of the vineyards at the end of the 1970s, but which gradually lost ground due to the introduction of new varieties, mainly French. Although it has now lost this hegemony, Garnacha is still very important for Navarra, not only because it still represents more than 25% of its vineyards and occupies second place in terms of planted surface area, but also because it is the essential variety in the production of traditional rosés produced by the saignée method.

In the production of red wines, this variety gives rise to highly differentiated wines with great personality. These are wines with rich alcohol content, good acidity, medium body and aromatic intensity, which after appropriate ageing present great balance, finesse and elegance.

“The reality is that when the vineyard is controlled and the yields are adequate, Garnacha has the potential to produce wonderful red wines, with lots of fruit on the nose and great elegance on the palate. Our Viñedo Uno is proof of this and for us it represents a commitment to return to the origins, to one of the emblematic grape varieties of Navarra, always present in the essence of the wines of the area”, says Milagros Rodríguez, winemaker at Bodega de Sarría.

Viñedo Uno: A return to Navarrese roots

This new wine represents a return to the origins and the search for the purest expression of Navarra. This is the raison d’être of Viñedo Uno, so called by its creators since “just as the number one is the number by which we start counting and the first number we mention when we start talking, our Viñedo Uno is a return to the origins, to the beginning, to our Garnacha of Navarra”, adds Milagros Rodríguez. “It is also the name of the vineyard from which the grapes used to make this wine come from”.

The key to the success of this red wine lies in its vineyard. Señorío de Sarría is committed to the conservation and care of its Garnacha vines, planted over 60 years ago on the estate that surrounds the winery, in the heart of the Camino de Santiago. The age and care that these vines have received year after year give their grapes features that are impossible to achieve in younger vineyards. In this way Señorío de Sarría Viñedo Uno is full of differentiating nuances that make it unique.

Señorío de Sarría Viñedo Uno 2019    

Señorío de Sarría Viñedo Uno has a medium-high cherry red colour with a garnet rim and a surprisingly intense nose, with pure aromas of red fruit, accompanied by vanilla notes from its ageing in new oak barrels. It shows seductive aromas that makes those who taste it fall in love with it. On the palate it is silky, long and very persistent, with a perfect combination of floral and fruity notes that add elegance and complexity.

It is a wine with a wide range of pairing options. Suitable for an informal snack accompanied by a board with cold meats and cheese or with a mushroom and truffle dishes, grilled red meats, stews or desserts with dark chocolate.

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