Making good wine starts in the vineyard”

Milagros Rodríguez, Bodega de Sarría’s œnologist

As our œnologist, Milagros Rodríguez, says: “making good wine starts in the vineyard.” Milagros, a biologist by training, came into the wine world almost by accident. After finishing her studies, she worked in different areas related to her biology studies. By chance, one of these was a winery. After just a few months in the wine world she was completely hooked and so studied for a degree in œnology at the University of La Rioja to become more specialised. She soon discovered that the more you know about the wine world, the more you want to learn about it.

Milagros arrived at Bodega de Sarría in 2001 and worked alongside the Technical Manager for 5 years, enhancing her knowledge and broadening her experience. Then, in 2006, she took over the running of the technical and winemaking side of the winery.  

“Our philosophy is continuous improvement. Every day we try to improve on what we’ve achieved and further enhance quality in our wines,” says Milagros. “We know that making good wine starts in the vineyard, and this is why we lavish such care on our vines and on every little detail in the winemaking process.We devote maximum care and attention to the grapes to make sure that pure fruit is expressed in each of our wines”.

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