Señorío de Sarría rated the best Reserva in the Navarra appellation

This Reserva has been selected as the appellation’s official wine and will represent the D.O. in promotional events.

Señorío de Sarría Reserva 2015 has been selected as the best red Reserva in the awards for the ‘Best D.O. Navarra wines 2020’, a wine challenge organised by the Navarra Wine Council and officially recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

Having won this award, Señorío de Sarría Reserva 2015 will now represent the Navarra Designation of Origin in all of the Council’s communication and promotional activities, making it an ambassador for the appellation in the Reserva category.

Attending the awards ceremony, which was held yesterday at the Planetario de Pamplona, were (among other officials and representatives of the Navarra wine sector and members of the social and political world of the autonomous community), the Navarra government’s general director for Rural Development and the Environment, Fernando Santafé and David Palacios, the president of the Navarra Wine Council, who presented the award to Helena Jiménez, the quality manager and winemaking assistant at Bodega de Sarría.

Señorío de Sarría Reserva is a blend of the Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo grape varieties and is aged two years in French and American oak barrels, followed by three years in bottle. 

Milagros Rodríguez, the winemaker at Bodega de Sarría, described the wine as “well balanced and structured and one of our most elegant wines. It reveals intense aromas of ripe black fruit and spices against a backdrop of vanilla, toffee and pastry cream –so deliciously tasty! On the palate, it’s powerful with volume and length of flavour. This is a wine to sip slowly and savour.”  

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