Señorío de Sarría Rosé 2018 -the new-style Navarra rosé

Bodega de Sarría has worked tirelessly over the last year in preparing the launch of this new, original, fresh, air-light rosé wine. Its deliciously-appealing, cosmopolitan style makes it a must for inquisitive, bold and forward-looking consumers.  

In creating this wine, the primary objective of Bodega de Sarría of the BORNOS Bodegas & Viñedos group was to release a rosé that follows the latest market trends. Compared with traditional rosés, Señorío de Sarría Rosé 2018 is fresher, lighter and paler. It is designed to appeal to inquisitive, bold, cosmopolitan and forward-looking consumers.

Milagros Rodríguez, the Technical Manager and œnologist of Bodega de Sarría, outlined the thinking behind this new wine. “We’ve made a different, elegant, pleasant and balanced rosé. It’s a rosé that combines the Navarra indigenous grape varieties, Grenache and Graciano, with the latest trend towards paler-coloured rosés. The key in its production process is the carefully-studied harvesting date and gentle extraction vinifications in order to preserve the grapes’ fresh aromas and flavours.”

2018 harvesting and wine making process

In creating a wine such as Señorío de Sarría Rosé 2018, Bodega de Sarría carried out a careful search for the optimal terroir and vines in order to make a wine with unique, individual character. This D. O. Navarra rosé is sourced from 100 hectares of the winery’s own vines around the villages of Puente la Reina, Olite and Corella.

The wine’s originality is the blend of Grenache with Graciano. Together, they offer an elegant pale lavender-pink hue. Individually, the versatile Grenache offers fruit character and elegance while the Graciano ensures freshness.  

“For a whole year, the preparation of the harvest and vinification had been carefully planned. The individual character of this wine is first forged in the vineyard. The trellised vines are harvested at an early date and in the early hours of the morning to preserve freshness of flavour and ensure the special attractive colour of the wine,” explains Milagros Rodríguez. “The skin-contact maceration is done at low temperature so as to maintain its unique pale pink colour. Once the must has been run off the skins, it undergoes a static settling before the two grape varieties are blended together in order to reach the desired final colour. The alcoholic fermentation is then carefully carried out at 15°C, before this new and original wine is fined, filtered and bottled.”

Modern-style image

The packaging for Señorío de Sarría Rosé 2018 features an attractive elegant design that evokes the essence of the product itself: a pale pink colour and floral rose-petal aromas.  

In launching this new wine, Bodega de Sarría has sought to meet the increasing demand in the market, both in Spain and abroad, for fresh, light aromatic rosés. “Bodega de Sarría remains loyal to traditional values, but at the same time it adapts to the latest trends in order to satisfy new tastes and meet the requirements of new markets. This new rosé is a clear demonstration of this philosophy,” says Fernando Zaratiegui, the General Manager of BORNOS Bodegas & Viñedos.

Señorío de Sarría Rosé displaysa delicate, pale, clean, bright, lavender-pink colour. It is aromatically fresh on the nose with notes of red berry fruit, grapefruit and lychee against an attractive floral backdrop of rose petals. On the palate, it is fresh and fruity with a long, vibrant finish.

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