Wine and sport come together in the inauguration of the Señorío de Sarría Navarra Padel Tennis Top Circuit Trophy

Sports figures César Cruchaga (former Osasuna footballer) and Ignacio Santos (the top padel tennis player in Navarra on three occasions) took on Fernando Zaratiegui (the General Manager of Bodega de Sarría) and Juan Pablo Pereyra (the President of the Navarra Padel Tennis Federation) in a friendly match that opened the tournament.

For the eleventh year running, the Señorío de Sarría Trophy was the sixth event counting towards the 2016 Padel Tennis ‘Top Circuit’. For the first time, an inaugural friendly match took place between the original doubles teams of Cruchaga-Santos and Zaratiegui-Pereyra. The game showed the highly successful pairing of padel tennis with wine! For a period lasting over two weeks, at the Navarra Padel Tennis Club courts in Mutilva, the highest quality padel tennis was enjoyed in both the men’s and women’s categories. The annual event proved once again to be one of the most anticipated of the season with almost 1,000 players taking part.

Padel tennis and wine

Having sponsored the trophy since 2006, bringing wine and sport together is an ongoing objective of the winery. “Señorío de Sarría wishes to demonstrate its commitment to sports initiatives that help bring people better balance and health in their lives. This is also an undertaking we have at the winery in each and every phase of the wine production process,” said Fernando Zaratiegui, the winery’s General Manager.

Though it may seem strange, drinking wine and practising sport can prove to be a good combination if done responsibly. The set ideas we may have make it difficult to imagine sportspeople drinking alcohol; however, numerous studies have shown that when wine is consumed in moderation combined with a sporting activity, it can be very beneficial for our bodies.

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